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Contact Terms and Conditions 

Thank you for choosing Hanky Panky Blooms. 

I am dedicated to crafting customized creations that will leave a lasting impression on you weather in your home or on the biggest day of your life along with provide excellent customer service. 


Payments can be made in apple pay, cash, check, cash app, credit, or debit. All Major credit card accepted. 


I (the client) understand that Hanky Panky Blooms will complete my project based on the inspirational images, all the details provided through email, text, in person conversation, social media messenger and within the parameters of all wood flowers supplier fillers and greenery. 


I (the client) understand that I am responsible for choosing the colors that will be used in my order and communicating to Hanky Panky Blooms any specifications. I understand I am to choose one to three colors and there might be an additional cost for anymore then three colors. Natural/ Raw wood flowers are not counted as colors and available at no additional cost. 


Once the colors are submitted and flowers are dyed I (the client) understand my colors can not be changed without additional color change fee. Color change fee will depend on size of the order and amount of colors being changed. 


If consent for artistic freedom is given and approved, once your order has begun it can’t be changed. 


I (the client) understand that a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your date/due date and represents my agreements to the terms of this contract. If a different payment plan is offered to you, I understand that this still applies and my payments are non-refundable. I understand that if I fail to make my payments as scheduled I acknowledge my part of the agreement is no longer valid and that I may be subjected to cancellation fees and/or forfeit of all monies paid. 

I(the client) understand my second payment is due 60 days before my even in a timely manner. Late payments may delay orders and/or late payments. 

Additional add on may result in additional fee or a change in delivery/pick up date. To prevent this place make sure to do all add on 60 days or more prior to your event. 

If additional items are added on after your final payment I understand that I am expected to pay for those in full. 

While Hanky Panky Blooms will do everything possible to accommodate last minute changes, I (the client) understand that flower changes and greenery changes might be applicable. 


On Site Delivery: If day of delivery is selected is the clients responsibility to make sure we have access to the building and are aware of any timelines, rules and information what will / will not be provided. If Hanky Panky Blooms arrives with your day of delivery and third party delivery isn’t allowed I understand that my delivery deposit will not be refunded.

If pick up is needed in addition to the agreed shipping date or delivery date an additional cost will be added. This cost will not exceed $100. 


Your order will be complete 30-45 days before your event or 15-30 days after your final payment is made unless otherwise stated or agreed on. 

Adding on additional items or late payments may delay shipping and not fault of Hanky Panky Blooms. Early pick ups may not be possible, but you can always ask.

Shipping / Pick up will take place during the time period unless otherwise agreed on by Hanky Panky Blooms and the client. 

Shipping can be adding on at any time before pick up. It is the responsibility of the client to request further shipping insurance (provided by shipping company). 

Rush/Expedited Orders

I (the client) understand that if I want to rush or expedite the order it is my responsibility to inform Hanky Panky Blooms for approval. Depending on the size and scope of the order, rush and/or expediting orders may not be possible. Rush / Expedited orders will result in additional fees. 

Hanky Panky Blooms is not responsible for shipping delays caused by the shipping company or damages donee by shipping.. 

I understand that I am responsible for providing a correct address for shipping and Hanky Panky Blooms isn't liable for any address mistakes and if the order encounters. If the order is returned to Hanky Panky Blooms the customer is responsible for any additional shipping cost. Once your order has shipped Hanky Panky Blooms isn’t Liable for any damage, loss, or delays. There are no refunds or exchanges once order is shipped. In the event of damage, loss, or delays it is the responsibility of the client to contact the shipping company. Please notify Hanky Panky Blooms is this occurs. 

In the event of a cancellation

I (the client) understand that Hanky Panky Blooms is creating custom floral work and offering planning and coordination services and based on my request and that there are no refunds given. 

If I (the client) elect to cancel my event I could be subjected to cancellation fees for any supplies bought beyond the deposit amount. In the event of a cancellation, I understand that my deposit is forfied and that no refunds will be given. 


Hanky Panky Blooms reserves the right to cancel your contract at any time if we feel we can’t meet your needs. Business cancellations will result in a full refund with all monies refunded. 


The upon is agreed to upon when first payment is received. 

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